Holiday Wine Tips

Published December 7, 2021

Holiday Wine Tips #1 – Have You Heard of This Food Friendly Wine?

Most experts will say pinot noir is a food friendly wine that goes with just about anything. Well, so are rose wines. Rose wines are made from the juice of red grapes that don’t have as much skin contact as red wines. So, they are often crisp and refreshing served chilled but dry and richly full bodied like a red. PLUS they come in festive colors like pink or salmon. Some of my favorites are sold out:

I swear, I had nothing to do with that! But here are a few that compliment many holiday meals like turkey, ham, prime rib, and will stand up to all sides and appetizers.

For whites, there’s plenty of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc all over. But, we gravitate toward other white varietals that have different profiles. We loved the elegant Austin Hope Chenin Blanc with all sorts of appetizers and the Symbiosis Torrontes with an array of side dishes covered in this review.

Holiday Wine Tips # 2 – Wine Pairings

Forget all you’ve heard about white wines going with chicken or fish and red wines for the rest. That’s just too much of an oversimplification. The truth is it’s more about complexity. The key is finding a nuance of flavor in the wine that ties to a similar flavor in your meal. We loved the light bright hint of cranberry and purple plum with lots of vanilla and spice in this Symbiosis Tempranillo that paired well with turkey, cranberry, and the spices in stuffing. A slight smoke on the finish elongated the experience with smokehouse almonds on green bean casserole.

Holiday Wine Tips - Symbiosis Tempranillo

Plus, this time of year, I want a big bold red that will warm me from the inside. Finally, Merlot is making a comeback and it’s bigger than ever! I cannot be more excited. The Sea Shell Merlot smells like cherry and vanilla with nice tart vibrant acidity that makes your mouth water, welcoming rich short ribs, filet mignon, or other sauces and stews. But, the Line Shack Syrah beckoned pairings with dishes that have cranberry, herbs, and spice. Its deep dark purple color lured me in to tart cherry and cranberry with a big backbone of smoke and earth, slight vanilla yet soft supple tannins that lengthen the experience.

Holiday Wine Tips - Line Shack Flight

Holiday Wine Tips #3 – Wine Etiquette

Many ask about bringing wines to a gathering. The host should ask when you hand over the wine if you would like it opened for the gathering, meal, or event. If you did not know what food was going to be served and you cannot know what wine is appropriate for the food, wrap it up. Offering a wrapped bottle of ANYTHING tells the host that it’s a gift and should be opened later.

If you are on a budget, the Sheriff from Shadow Ranch is a fantastic red blend at an even better price that pairs well with everything. You can find it a most Grocery Outlet stores in the Sierra foothills.

Do you have any holiday wine tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment. And have a lovely holiday, however you choose to celebrate.



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