About me

Accidental Wino is my name. Sharing wine knowledge is my game.




My journey through the unheralded wine regions was about learning to trust my inner compass.

At times, it may not have been easy but I knew it would lead me in the right direction.

Venturing off the beaten path became my heart’s journey.

Appellation Adventurist

There is a certain richness in being close to the people that coax the velvet nectar of the grape into its richest potential. Pausing a successful career, I went to school to learn all I could about wine and spirits.

The curriculum included tastings but I craved a more hands-on approach. I wanted to touch the soils, feel each microclimate, and learn techniques overlooked in class.

Appellation Adventurist Converse

29 Rentals

Bunkhouses, lofts, cottages, suites, and couches


26 Wine Regions

North through the Sierras and redwoods, as far south as the desert and all along the coast


25 Months

All on the Golden State’s red dirt, limestone, and volcanic soils


1 Pair of Converse All Stars

With no laces to tie me down


Every Bottle Tells A Story

Wandering about and living out of a suitcase caused so many unexpected opposing factors of life to collide!

Collisions of life that we all share: city versus country, single versus married, business versus pleasure, listening versus hearing, abundance versus scarcity, loneliness versus solitude, independence versus commitment, control versus surrender. No one is more profound than another.

I walked away from this experience with the confidence that we can, indeed, have it all. But first, we must let go.

And Then I Wrote A Book