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Drink Your Words book cover with Indie Award Medal

Carolyn Dismuke thought she was living the dream, but her view changed when she noticed beautiful vineyards on back roads. She became a diligent student in a world-renowned wine studies program, where she mastered the classic regions. Curious for more, she packed her wanderlust and set out to live in a different California region every month to soak in all the juicy details. 

Join her on her journey for answers to many of life’s bubbling questions: 

  • Discover the bounty that thrives beyond Napa 
  • Find out why some old vines are replaced while others are revered 
  • Enjoy the tales and life lessons of a solo traveler 

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An engrossing read full of sharp wit and heartfelt wonder. Leaving a stable career and job to pursue her passion of wine, Carolyn, sets off on the trip of a lifetime. A self-proclaimed drifter, she journeys across the state bypassing Napa Valley in favor of less famous wine regions from Santa Barbara to the Sierra Foothills. Her experiences will shed a new light on California’s “other” Wine Country whether you’re a seasoned or novice wine lover.

Leslie Sbrocco

Author and Television Host

For wine lovers and professionals who grew up with Kermit Lynch’s classic Adventures on the Wine Route,  here is a “Calicentric” journal of adventures in the Golden State”s frontier wine regions.  But whereas Lynch searched around France for wines that “bite back,” wine expert Carolyn Dismuke takes a year off from her city job and chances upon larger than life personalities who make and drink sexy wines that bear hug, caress, and express the joy of California dreaming.

Robin L. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Seaholm Wines and Liquors, New York

A wine aficionado with a thirsty heart, I set out to live in the lesser-known wine regions of the Golden State, convinced to find at least a dozen. Along the way, I interviewed the most creative winemakers and followed my soul’s path as the destination evolved.
Medeiros Family Wines

Medeiros Family Wines

A trip to Medeiros Family Wines will make you want to return. Overall, splendid wines served by wholesome friendly folks with a view as succulent as the wines. We all enjoy vertical tastings to imagine where a wine is going based on previous vintages of the same...

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Deep Roots at Alamar Wines

Deep Roots at Alamar Wines

Alamar Wines has deep roots in the land they harvest. Owner and winemaker, Blake Pacheco, is tied to the land at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch where his family toiled the terrain for generations. The soil seasoned by previous generations now cultivates his fruit....

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 A Journey in Vine Adventures

Eager to learn more about the best wine regions in the Golden State, I packed my bags to feed my wanderlust by living in different, undiscovered wine pocket of California every month.


Want to know what full bodied means?

What’s so great about old vines?

Ever wonder why it’s called Sideways?


All this and more wine wisdom is covered in my book, Drink Your Words.