San Luis Obispo

Biddle Ranch Vineyard

A lovely stop in Edna Valley, Biddle Ranch Vineyard was soothing on the eyes and spirit. But their wines were curative as well. The first white of pinot grigio had a plump body for a white wine and was an easy...

Luis Wine Bar

For a town with ideal soil and climate for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, San Luis Obispo does not have many wine bars downtown. It's almost like they don't think of themselves as a genuine wine village. Now, the Luis Wine Bar on Higera has an abundant and tasteful...


This loaded mac and cheese sounded yummy on the menu and tasted pretty good. But can you say "Hamburger Helper"? Before you try this at home, make sure you have a salty smoky cheese. And, as much as we all love those green jalapeno ringlets, the more vibrant the...


Had to head down to Santa Barbara and was trying to make the drive back north in the same  day but that would have been 13 hours on the road so I decided to stay the night in San Luis Obispo (Central Coast). I usually love the steaks at Madonna Inn's restaurant but...

Gold Rush Steak House

I know I've mentioned this before but had to post a photo for those who haven't been yet or just don't believe me. My travels take me all over this state but the Madonna Inn is always a great stopping point for a delicious steak dinner. The location could not be...

Madonna Inn

Sorry, but had to post a warning. The steak is so good at Madonna's Gold Rush Steak House that you may get spoiled. After you've had their prime rib, you may start ordering prime rib elsewhere. But you may want to ask for your money back.

SLO Brew

Could be my female intuition but I'm guessing I'm walking into a guy bar with burgers, pizza, and beer.