Biddle Ranch Vineyard

Published May 6, 2022

A lovely stop in Edna Valley, Biddle Ranch Vineyard was soothing on the eyes and spirit.

But their wines were curative as well. The first white of pinot grigio had a plump body for a white wine and was an easy purchase after learning the proceeds contribute to the Jack’s Helping Hand charity.

Biddle Ranch Vineyard pinot grigio

Biddle Ranch Vineyard’s chardonnay was the only one grown on the property and part of the aforementioned lovely view. This white was broad on the palate with lemon curd due to time in clay vessels that keep it cool naturally.

But their cab grew in a familiar spot. From Paso Robles, their cab had many layers of purple plum and juicy berries with wafts of sweet stems comingling with smoke and just enough pepper to wake up your taste buds. A flight worth a visit.

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