Medeiros Family Wines

Published January 16, 2024

A trip to Medeiros Family Wines will make you want to return. Overall, splendid wines served by wholesome friendly folks with a view as succulent as the wines.


We all enjoy vertical tastings to imagine where a wine is going based on previous vintages of the same varietal. Yet few have the benefit of a horizontal tasting, same vintages of the same varietal grown in different regions. Well, Medeiros will do horizontal tastings of the same varietal grown by the same viticulturist and made by the same winemaker in different regions. For example, imagine how a petite sirah would compare from the Sierra foothills to one grown in San Martin, California?

Soldade (pronounced soldage) is a Portuguese term of remembrance. It is a blend that honors those beloved family members who have passed. PS, I love you! I love petite sirah’s soft brooding blueberry and plum body. But the slight whiff of mint chocolate drew me into the tall glass. Then, the melange of blue fruit danced on my palate for a memorably long finish. DELIGHTFUL.

More from my time in this region.


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