Amador/Sutter Creek

Feeling Pink

Saignee is the French term meaning “to bleed” and is also a method used by some rose producers to bleed off a portion of their red wine juice after some skin and seed contact to increase the proportion of skins to juice in the remaining liquid thereby making it more concentrated.

Holiday Wine Tips

Holiday Wine Tips

Holiday Wine Tips #1 - Have You Heard of This Food Friendly Wine? Most experts will say pinot noir is a food friendly wine that goes with just about anything. Well, so are rose wines. Rose wines are made from the juice of red grapes that don't have as much skin...

Wilderotter Vineyard

Wilderotter Vineyard poured an exquisite tasting with its European style wines while its villa-like setting and tasting room right smack dab in the vineyard made for a relaxing afternoon under the golden state's miraculous sunshine. Each wine was balanced and elegant...

Feist Wines is Perfect

Often, tasting rooms aspire to have food with their wine. Some entertain with music and others offer a place to stay. But Feist Wines has all of the above in a lovely location right in downtown Sutter Creek. Then, they offer delightful wines with prices that are easy...

Andis Wines – A Shioppettino To Remember

Ever heard of an Italian grape called Shioppettino? Andis Wines makes one with brilliant typicity. The Shioppettino's lovely purple color with a brilliant garnet rim lured me in. One sniff of fresh raspberry, fresh cut lawn and plum smelled like a cacophony of...

Read About Yorba Wines’ Vineyard Super Hero

Read About Yorba Wines’ Vineyard Super Hero

Once in a while, offer to shadow someone at work who simply loves what they do. Having a job that makes you feel like you're living the dream is really what life's all about. People who have mastered this take their craft to another level. By nature, these people can...

Drytown Cellars

Drytown Cellars

Red rock clay soils in the Sierra Foothills gives their grapes a delightful texture and flavor. Drytown Cellars turns these flavors into wonderfully rich ripe wines. Their Chenin Blanc is a bright crisp Chardonnay alternative with a wonderful rich honey, apricot, and...

Driven Cellars

If you could channel the past lives of a wine tasting room in gold country California, I'm sure you'd be amused. Between the buildings of former brothels, various jail cells, and gold mines underneath, anyone could spin a wicked story. But none so true as the one...