The newest tasting room in Healdsburg's Plaza can't miss for many reasons. One is the winemaker got his experience at Crushpad making all different varietals from different regions into the stylistic preferences of his many clients. Another is their story of three...


The elegant and stately Cyrus restaurant has become the casual Chalkboard dining experience with the same exquisite bar. It is worth grabbing a bite just to see what happens when you grill a lime wedge on an open flame. It oozes...in a good way. And it has a mild...



One of the newest tasting rooms in the Healdsburg plaza that's worth a try is Hawley. Family winemakers with years of experience have honed their palates so they know how to capture the best juice from any grape. Their Sauvignon Blanc is bursting with crisp green...

Bravas Bar De Tapas

It's only been 12 months since I "lived" in Headsburg. OK, I was only living here for a month so I guess you cannot call that living. I was hanging out in this lovely town 12 months ago but the entire landscape of my favorite eateries has drastically changed in that...


If you like a good dry rose, Alderbrook has one that smells like a Grenache yet finishes like a Syrah. It's got that tart strawberry flavor with a creamy body and a hint of white pepper on the finish. Because it was barrel fermented, it has that tangy flavor without...


Small handcrafted family winemakers are more than happy to recommend others nearby. Kachina recommended Nalle, so it was no surprise that we were happily greeted by the entire family. Their history dates back farther than most in the valley and stories like how...


Healdsburg has become a vibrant wine destination now crowded on the weekends by those that got tired of the tourist traps and overpriced wines in Napa Valley. A natural byproduct of this emerging growth is the prevalence of more large scale corporate wineries. But...



Stonestreet may sound like an interesting name for a winery but its namesake is even more interesting. You may have heard of the famed wine mogul, Jess Jackson. Well, his name is actually Jess Stonestreet Jackson because the doctor who made the house call when his...

Partake Some More Creative Dishes

Partake Some More Creative Dishes

My meal started with a Point Reyes fresh Mozzarella salad with preserved lemon, Summer squash and Castelvetrano olives. The tangy lemon and salty olives blanketed the rich soft moist cheese so that every bite had all those flavors working in wonderful symphony with the rich creamy Chardonnay.

Selby – Uplifting Spirits

Stop for a sip at Selby and you'll see why the White House pours their wines. These well-crafted wines have appeal across a wide audience and go well with lots of dishes. For starters, their Sauvignon Blanc has lots of big citrus without the severe grapefruit that can...