Published September 5, 2013


Stonestreet may sound like an interesting name for a winery but its namesake is even more interesting. You may have heard of the famed wine mogul, Jess Jackson. Well, his name is actually Jess Stonestreet Jackson because the doctor who made the house call when his mother went into labor was Doctor Stonestreet. Paying homage to those who treat us, Jess passed this unique middle name onto his son, Christopher.

Stonestreet equally pays homage to the land, planting vineyards on untamed ground that develop complex and concentrated grapes. Their Terrace Ridge is a crisp refreshing change from the usual Sauvignon Blanc you see all over town. Theirs has more Semillon that Sauvignon Blanc, giving it a bigger stronger texture and mouthfeel with the same lip smacking tart fruit flavor of a Sauvignon Blanc. Its still got that lemon curd but a larger body with minerality and stone fruit.

Next, their Broken Road Chardonnay is unlike any other. It’s burnt vanilla creme brulee on the nose made it alluring and seemingly huge. But the fruit is light and crisp with medium body. It’s got that lemon curd flavor you seek in a Chardonnay but this one has creamy lemon. Outstanding with rich foods or on its own.

Their Monument Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon had that tart berry with black cherry we love in a cab but a hint of match stick smoke on the nose. Next, the Bear Point Cabernet Sauvignon was also unique with ripe red cherry and easy tannins and acids that roll off your tongue. It has some slight white pepper and green herbs in its body but they do not overwhelm. Very balanced. Finally, Christopher’s Cabernet Sauvignon has a little pepper and soft supple cherry with a really long finish. An ideal closer to this game, Christopher’s keeps you thinking about it.

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