Los Olivos

Story of Soil

The beloved wine village of Los Olivos now has a Story of Soil tasting room that served all reds but the first one was so light, bright, and chilled that it soothed our hankering for a rose wine.

Refugio Ranch

Refugio Ranch

Newcomer to the charming Los Olivos wine village, Refugio Ranch may become an old favorite. Sauvignon Blanc is seen all over this town in different textures and tartness. But theirs has a bit of Semillon that spends part of its time in oak and another part in...



Can never resist heading back to the charming little wine village of Los Olivos to watch their Olde Fashioned Tree Lighting ceremony that makes you feel like you've gone back in time. To paint a picture, a local crowd gathers signing Christmas Carols surrounding a...

Research in Los Olivos Motion

What is it about Los Olivos that makes people want to return? Ya the food, weather, wine is great and people are friendly. But you see that in other wine villages or weekend getaway destinations. It must be something more than that. The people who live here get it and...

Los Olivos Tree Lighting

I know I’ve said that Los Olivos is like going back in time, but their Christmas tree-lighting ceremony is plain and simple proof. So heartwarming and uplifting (literally), everyone should experience this at least once. Get this. Every year on the Saturday following...



Tasting wine in one of the 40 tasting rooms now in Los Olivos is kind of like going back in time. Just a hop north of Santa Barbara, this quaint village may give you an idea of what Napa or Sonoma was like 50 years ago. First thing you notice when you walk in is...

Alta Maria

Luscious wines at Alta Maria! And they're right downtown in Los Olivos so you can taste, stroll, taste some more just like they did back in the old days before limo bridal parties, wine bus tours, or even cars. Best thing about this tasting flight: Cabernet Sauvignon....

Four Play at Carhartt Vineyard

Glad that got your attention! Relieved to know spelling doesn't count. Actually, Four Play is the name of blend you can get at the Carhartt Vineyard tasting room in Los Olivos, which should be at the top of your list. Not because of the fun play on words, but because...