Published December 5, 2012


Tasting wine in one of the 40 tasting rooms now in Los Olivos is kind of like going back in time. Just a hop north of Santa Barbara, this quaint village may give you an idea of what Napa or Sonoma was like 50 years ago. First thing you notice when you walk in is someone greets you. Second thing you notice is the person pouring you wine and offering many intellectual facts about it is the winemaker.

At Kaena, he’s not just the winemaker. He is known as the Grenache king for his great skill in bringing this challenging grape to its most delicious potential. His wines also represent how flexible this grape can be. Most known for rose, this pinkie is delightful, crisp, and refreshing. Then, the reds also run from bright red fruit to big, bold, plum and blueberry flavors. All are well-crafted and worth a trip.

More appellation adventures of my month in this region.


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