Research in Los Olivos Motion

Published December 7, 2012

Los Olivos

What is it about Los Olivos that makes people want to return? Ya the food, weather, wine is great and people are friendly. But you see that in other wine villages or weekend getaway destinations. It must be something more than that. The people who live here get it and I can’t describe it but I feel it too. It’s a vibe.

Last night, we went to a local restaurant that had 3 country bands play during dinner and drinks afterwards. The crowd was mostly middle-aged ranchers, other locals, and some visitors or music enthusiasts. As we feasted on delicious steaks, beans, and greens, and rocked to the rhythm, something rare was happening. Couples were kissing. I know it is allowed and normal for couples to kiss in public. But that doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Why it happens in this area more than others is something I need to investigate further and possibly do some hands on case studies myself.

More appellation adventures of my month in this region.


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