Selby – Uplifting Spirits

Published September 1, 2013


Stop for a sip at Selby and you’ll see why the White House pours their wines. These well-crafted wines have appeal across a wide audience and go well with lots of dishes. For starters, their Sauvignon Blanc has lots of big citrus without the severe grapefruit that can harsh your mellow. It’s got the grassy minerality that is the hallmark of a Sauvignon Blanc with the tangy lemon and even orange flavors, probably from 5% Muscat in the blend.

But Selby’s Gewurztraminer will lift your spirits even if you cannot pronounce it and is one you should always have in your kitchen for spicy Thai, Indian, or Korean cuisine. It’s not a necessarily sweet wine. Theirs is a dry white with even a bit of white pepper. But the stone fruit flavors of apricot and pear make it a delicious pairing for spicy dishes or sipping standalone. Their Chardonnay will also impress with a whiff of warm buttery popcorn on the nose. But it finishes long and lean with big Summer fruit wrapped in a warm buttery corn taco. Why doesn’t anyone make a fruit taco!? This wine is proof it would be a great combo.

Selby’s gold medal winning Petite Sirah first meets your nose with a soft chocolate mint scent but big cherry and blueberry follow in the deep sides of your mouth. It’s body is medium with lots of caramel yet softer tannins than you’d expect from a Petite Sirah.

They even do a Malbec right here in Alexander Valley. It has all the luscious cinnamon spice and smoky leathery tobacco box  flavors characteristic of Malbec but berry plum overwhelms with a bit of lavender too. Finally, their Old Vine Zinfandel has big berry and pepper with a little acidity and earth to round out the medium body. The spice is big enough to pair it with barbecues and spiced beef or lamb. Yum!

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