Bravas Bar De Tapas

Published September 13, 2013

It’s only been 12 months since I “lived” in Headsburg. OK, I was only living here for a month so I guess you cannot call that living. I was hanging out in this lovely town 12 months ago but the entire landscape of my favorite eateries has drastically changed in that short period. I haven’t even visited my old favorites yet because I’m so excited about my newly opened restaurants like Bravas Bar De Tapas.

Bravas tops the list…not because they have a wonderfully cool patio…or because they always have the Giants game on…it’s not even their deliciously creative cocktails. The bartender at Bravas can defy the laws of science; my drink went higher than the rim of my glass! It’s really because of their food. They serve food that is hard to find yet perfectly spiced and prepared. My most recent meal started with this Escarole salad with apples, Hazelnuts, and a rich Spanish cheese that was similar to blue cheese.

Bravas Salad

Then, sausages. Yes, many different sizes and spices. I kid but I’m not kidding. First, you cannot go wrong with cider braised chorizo with padron peppers. Then, sobrasada sausage in a red sauce with manchego cheese was full of rich salty goodness. And another came with stewed chickpeas, Marcilla sausage, and fennel sofrito. Maybe not all at once but all are worth trying.


More appellation adventures from my month living in this region.


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