Crazy Woman Cellars

Published May 13, 2022

Entering a tasting room named Crazy Woman Cellars, we were prepared for any type of craziness. Inside, we were impressed to learn the winery is named in honor of all the women of our history who helped change the world. Their walls are adorned with images of strength throughout our history…Gloria Steinem, Rosa Parks, and Golda Meir are a few most recognized.

Painting on display at Crazy Woman Cellars. The text "I Was Not Made to be Subtle" is printed over a painting of a woman.

A woman could have been perceived as being crazy until her unique way of thinking led her to accomplish amazing things, elevating the term crazy to trailblazer or pioneer. The namesake raised several daughters without running water or electricity, although she’d keep a loaded gun ready for anything. Stop by Crazy Woman’s tasting room for more entertaining stories.

Could their wine change the world? Allow me to investigate…It certainly awakened my palate. Their viognier was broad on the palate with green banana that withheld the hallmark floral fragrance from overpowering. A slight minerality made it feel full bodied. We got a bottle because we were excited to pair it with an equally full bodied curry chicken salad.

Next, they did something unique. They poured the same red wine two ways. First they poured their grenache merlot blend (Brooklyn 37) chilled like a rose wine. That made sense because grenache is traditionally used to make rose wines. This method highlighted the wine’s raspberry notes while the room temperature pour unlocked the cherry vanilla nuances in the wine with a bit of smoke on the finish. It was a memorable experience.


Crazy Woman’s cab had a nice cherry vanilla profile on the nose that led to slight plum and berry on the wide palate. A mélange of spice and smoke on the long finish was lovely. They ended their flight with a syrah that was like smokey meaty steak in glass. Visit on an empty stomach. They price their wines to sell out fast.

Crazy Woman Cellars menu

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