Brochelle Vineyards

Published May 14, 2022

If you think you couldn’t possibly find plush decor and outstanding wines on your way back from the Lowes, Brochelle Vineyards makes you rethink that. They poured hit after hit. Not sure if it was because of my friend’s birthday but they began the tasting with bubbles, which is how one should begin all wine tastings. Sparkling wine really wakes up the palate with splashes of acidity and vivaciousness.

Brochelle Vineyards is known for their zin, which is why bottles were sold out. This made us want it even more. So, we got a half bottle that we adored. Soft warm berry notes on the nose carry through to the broad palate with waves of plum and succulent berry coalescing with lots of spice, black pepper, and cassis. The long lux finish sent me to my velvet sofa to bask in the soft warm mocha blanket of heady layers. Can’t wait for the next vintage to become available. Will be back and NOT just because I’m heading back from the hardware store.

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