Symbiosis Wines – aged wines we crave

Published March 16, 2017

Open in a new modern industrial tasting room a few doors down from Il Cortile, Symbiosis Wines pours “the Grenachiest Grenache” and other luscious hand crafted wines. Their Tempranillo has many layers of vibrant acidity with big full plum and licorice flavors that open like a flower and remain robust for days longer than most wines I’ve tasted. This is probably because they are currently pouring older vintages to provide aged wines we crave.

The winemaker, Glenna, would be proud to tell you why she believes in aging wines longer. They are open late so you can stop by before dinner or sip while you’re waiting for a table. Get the scoop on these luscious wines and other green wine making practices directly from the winemaker as she pours every tasting. Isn’t that why you visit wine country?!

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