Zina Hyde Cunningham

Published March 10, 2013

Walking into this elegantly designed and beautifully decorated tasting room makes you feel a sense of history. Although it’s probably a new building, the decor is done with honor and respect to its past. Dating back many generations, this family winery has a solid track record. While their wines are age worthy, how could you possibly age these!?

It’s rare that a Malbec makes you take a double take. This one will make you think “THAT’s a Malbec!?” It’s not only a Malbec, it’s a gold winning Malbec. Couldn’t tell ya what the criteria would be or hallmarks of a stunning Malbec. But theirs has the full deep dark cherry, plum, and a hint of blueberry fruit flavors with the smoky power that makes you crave smoked meat or salty slow cooked pork in a rich barbecue sauce.

Oh boy, may have to go back and spend another 40 bucks on another bottle. They had some other goodies but I just can’t stop thinking about their Malbec.


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