Published March 9, 2013


Forgot to post a quick note about this luscious Merlot from the Santa Cruz Mountains that has me jumping up and down and clapping. I know the coast is best for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. But you know how you go through wine trends? I happen to be on a Merlot kick. Locals recommended Naumann in the Santa Cruz Mountains so I picked up a bottle without tasting it first, which is dangerous and I don’t recommend trying this at home. But I was not disappointed.

The 2007 Naumann Merlot is estate grown and a great buy at $24 a bottle. It’s got that powerful black cherry thickness with even some hints of dried blue fruit like plum or blueberry. Its texture has a lot going on with mocha cocoa on the sides but the warmth of a wood burning toasty fire with a long velvety finish. This is a huge wine. This is a huge win.

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