The Sheriff Has Arrived

Published January 12, 2022

Words that usually mean the party is over. But, this Sheriff from Shadow Ranch means the party’s just gettin’ started! With such a lovely blend of red grapes, it captures the best of all 6 varietals. Vibrant cherry meets your nose first but what follows is round layers of blueberry, plum, vanilla and a long luscious finish with hints of mocha and an almost chewable black pepper. This Sheriff is always welcome in my home. It’s pleasant any day alongside any meal. Or sipping on the porch.

The best part about this Sheriff: I found him at Grocery Outlet for like 13 bucks! Notice the twist off cap for those nights when you can’t find the wine opener or don’t even have a half a minute to uncork. Mmmm, ten seconds to ahhh.

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