Tasting in Jamestown – Gianelli Vineyards and Brice Station

Published January 15, 2013

Oh my god, it seems like every day I have a new winemaking hero in this area…or two.  Today’s new wine stars:

  • Gianelli Vineyards for making exquisitely flavored and textured Italian varietals
  • Brice Station for making outstanding estate grown Bordeaux varietals in the highest of the high country at 3300 feet elevation!

You have to drive a bit to find these and pass Jackass Hill as well as Rawhide Road along the way. You must’ve known they were out there somewhere! But this jackass says it is totally worth it. So, slap on some Wranglers and git yer rawhide out here!


More appellation adventures from my month in this region.


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