Milliaire Winery

Published January 14, 2013

The Milliaires have been locals committed to this community for so long, they remember when you couldn’t even find feta cheese at the grocery store. One of the vineyards they use was already in production in 1900 and has been ever since. I know what you’re thinking; how could it continue to be in production during prohibition. Funny thing about prohibition, do ya really think people just stopped drinking?! Nah, prohibition turned wine enthusiasts into home winemakers. Legend has it this vineyard’s grapes were taken on train car to San Francisco during prohibition where the girl next door used them to make … um juice…you know for religious and sacramental purposes. Everybody got religious!

Besides soaking in all the history, a visit to the Milliaire tasting room makes you consider what it took to build a community like Murphys. They keep prices reasonable, deliver consistent quality wines, and think locally. They take pride in a wine village where the smiles and outnumber the attitudes.

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