Stomping Merlot with Ryan Render

Published October 16, 2012

Another beautiful day in wine country and I had the distinct pleasure of stomping Merlot grapes for Grey Wolf. I know it’s called crush, but when you strap boots on and plunge into a juicy bin of fruit, “stomping” is a more befitting term. Can’t tell ya what it feels like. Can say you just gotta try it. What a kick!

Ryan Render, the winemaker at Grey Wolf, loves what he does so much, he’s launched his own label: Rendarrio. Not sure how he figured out that the secret of life is to love what you do and do what you love. But taste his Chardonnay from the Santa Lucia Highlands to know what I’m talking about. Ryan Render found a way to make Chardonnay light and crisp with a slight citrus flavor yet still gives a full mouthfeel. It is dangerously good.

Ryan Render

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