Paso Wine Centre

Published October 14, 2012

To find the flavors that represent any wine pocket, seek out a local wine bar that pours either wines from their favorite winemakers in the area or local wines that don’t have tasting room representation. Wine bars that stay true to their roots are ones owned and operated by a hometown wine lover who wants to carry the wines of local fame. A subset of these wine bars also serve a broad selection of the grapes that thrive in that region while showcasing how those varietals differ in different microclimates and soils.

The Paso Wine Centre is not only all of the above, they are also tremendously informed of the big players in the area. So, you can stop there first and get the strait skinny before venturing out on your tasting room roadmap. They are also open later than wineries so you may want to stop by after your tastings and savor additional flavors or just enjoy their live music and special winemaker hosted events.

If they had wifi, I’d never leave.

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