Shed Horn

Published October 14, 2013

Some of the most well-crafted wines come from winemakers who got their experience while employed by other wineries before branching out to create a label of their own, representing a personal style or creative outlet. Shed Horn is a great example of this bootstrapping spirit. They produce premium rich yet smooth wines of superior quality. You can trust everything you taste at their tasting room in downtown Middletown.

Their Sauvignon Blanc is austere with big citrus and an extra-long finish. This is the most tangy Sauvignon Blanc found in Lake County yet but the fruit was balanced and refreshing with elegant body. Take a whiff of their Chardonnay and you get the feeling you’re waiting in line at a movie theater for hot buttered popcorn. Pale yellow in color but a green grassy creamy feel may sound like a mouthful and it is!

Their non-typical red blend is luscious. So many layers and textures, no description could do it justice. You just have to try it. But, what stole the show is their Petite Sirah. Most are too tannic and chewy because they are small (petite) grapes with thick skins and that’s where tannins come from. This is also where the color of a wine comes from and this one is more deep purple, reminding you of a good blueberry jam. But this Petite Sirah has soft silky tannins, nice acidity, and sumptuous blueberry flavor with dark plum and a bit of chocolate. If you want to taste the potential of this big vibrant wine, Shed Horn’s has tremendous typicity and structure but could spoil you for all others.


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