Mt. Konocti Winery

Published October 16, 2013

Don’t let its industrial setting with picnic tables outside dissuade you from trying their wine. Several locals recommended this winery and there’s always a reason for talk like that.

They are one of the few wineries that is taking advantage of the wonderfully abundant pears in Lake County. After prohibition made winemakers tear out their beautiful vines, most planted pears to continue using their land for revenue. Many pear orchards remain throughout Lake County and Mt. Konocti is one of the few that produces a sparkling wine out of pears with no grapes. It has a light crisp refreshing quality that is not too sweet and not too dry. You’d think the pears would make it taste sweet even without residual sugar but it has no sugar aftertaste. It is also only 10% alcohol so feel free to open it for grandma over Easter Sunday brunch.

Their Cabernet Sauvignon is also very balanced. Although it has deep dark plummy black cherry flavor, its big body and spice match up with crisp acidity and quite a long finish.


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