Serial Wines

Published September 5, 2022

A swanky new plush tasting room lured us in to check out the Serial Wines story and sip their juice. A rose was a bit sweet for my palate with lots of strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. A deep golden grenache blanc was a porch pounder reminiscent of buttered popcorn. Then, a side by side syrah tasting allowed our palates to uncover the versatility of this wine from slightly different areas.

What was hard to swallow was the $45 tasting fee that was only waived with the purchase of 6 bottles. We didn’t like the wines enough to buy that many. But they did have one of the few cabernet sauvignons under 30 bucks. Their $25 cab had lots of fine fruit flavors wrapped in a slight hibiscus and chewy texture of herbs that would be good with a burger and sausage plate. Deep dark and dank on the palate, this cab could’ve used a bit more fruit to balance it out but was still very luscious and drinkable.

And they offered guests THE most lovely golden pens as a keepsake.

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