Hoyt Family Vineyards

Published September 5, 2022

Hoyt Family Vineyards proved a long held belief that the best way to start a tasting is with bubbles. Theirs is light crisp and delicious like biting into a green apple. And their cozy sidewalk tasting area is one of the last few remaining downtown outdoor spaces that remains.

What’s in a name? Dylema is a blend of wines named after son Dylan and Daughter Emma. Its melange of flavors with a hint of pepper probably parallels the peppered fights of siblings with the sweetness of family.

Well balanced wines continued; my favorite was a 2014 Petite Sirah that hit me with a blueberry and plum mouthful followed by slight pepper and nice full mouthfeel without a smooth slightly chewy texture. PS, I love your mellow structure.

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