Paris Valley Road Estate Winery

Published May 22, 2022

Paris Valley Road Estate Winery may sound like a mouthful. But it is a restful respite for the wayfaring soul and feast for the eyes. Off the highway just far enough that you can see it but not hear it, the tasting room looks like a Parisian brasserie with the view of a bountiful vineyard. Depending on the day and time you arrange to taste their wines, you may also be a guest of their fabulous restaurant, Cepage.

Paris Valley Road Winery Estate glass and bottle

Their wine flight began with a sparkling wine that intensified the feeling we were in Paris. Then, two white wines followed with a French flair. And two reds were also designed in the French classic style using Paso grapes. But our favorite was a rose. A slightly chilled wine made out of malbec had a soft warm salmon hue that was a delightful sipper from their exquisite deck.

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