Dresser Winery

Published May 29, 2022

Dresser Winery poured winner after winner of balanced reds. Their young growing family is bursting with ideas for a uniquely memorable tasting experience. Read: picnic in the vineyard!

A personalized tasting menu and flights designed for your palate were just a few ways this winery is thinking differently. Each wine was delightful in its individuality. But here are a few notes from our favorites.


Dresser Winery - 2019 Gelfand Zinfandel

Dresser Winery – 2019 Gelfand Zinfandel

An aroma of a deep dark mixed berry demi glace sauce arose from my swirling glass. A tart cherry with dark molasses blanketed the tongue with lingering waves of vanilla and a hint of pepper on the long finish. Tannins are usually subtle in this varietal but the inside of my mouth felt like I was chewing a luxuriously dark chocolate. This wine was delicious on its own but got better alongside a spicy dish. Bravo!








Dresser Winery - 2019 Tuscan Joy

Dresser Winery – 2019 Tuscan Joy

A blend of sangiovese, syrah, and cab, Tuscan Joy began with the bright red acidity we enjoy from Italian varietals like sangiovese. The joy continued with a bit of bramble and barnyard typical of syrah and big cherry characteristics with the soft vanilla we crave from cab. My favorite part was the plum and pepper nuances on the wine’s long finish.

Drink the dream, indeed!

Note: their reservation system charges a $20 fee for each tasting in advance but $15 is refunded with the purchase of a bottle at the winery. Google maps makes a mess of the directions on unpaved and dusty roads. Instead, follow the simple instructions that get emailed to you when you book the reservation from their website.





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