Father’s Day–Romancing The Road Trip

Published June 12, 2022

Father’s Day always rekindles cherished memories of summer road trips. My father was always a teacher so we enjoyed spending June, July and August learning outside the classroom through fun life experiences.

Father's Day - Carolyn Dismuke pictured with her father

Every chance we got, we’d hit the road. In these journeys, my dad introduced me to the romance of the road trip. We’d always learn something. We’d always grow, internally and externally. But most of all, something awful would happen, and we’d survive it, returning home to find some way of laughing at it with an abundance of stories.

Before you get dad another set of golf balls or “Best Dad Ever” t-shirt, consider the experiences he’ll treasure. Take dad on a memorable road trip that he’ll cherish and enjoy retelling forever. My book is full of remarkable destinations. I know fuel is expensive but you don’t have to go far to find a priceless adventure. All you have to do is take a giant leap and soar.


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