ParaVi Vineyards

Published November 7, 2013

When more than one local raves about a winery, make it a priority to taste for yourself. Trust the locals. Respect the more popular wineries even if they are only popular for their prices or personality.

However, more than one visit and attempt to taste the rumored quality wines at ParaVi Vineyards proved fruitless and alcohol free because their tasting room is closed during open hours of operations posted on their website and various smart phones as well as Google maps. On a final attempt, a woman outside the locked tasting room said her husband must have stepped out because his car is gone but didn’t offer to pour in his absence, open the tasting room for eager buyers, or inform us when we should return and try again.

If you are not that eager to make a sale, you’re probably not gonna. Maybe they sold out of wine. Good for them! But why open a tasting room at all or even post hours if you are not going to respect them!? Some people may have had to drive over the river and through the woods! Understood we all need a lunch, poker, or prayer break now and then. But asking a college intern, cousin, neighbor, spouse, or friend to cover for you is not that difficult and gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge, creations, and possibly expand your revenue. If you’re fortunate enough to sell out of your wine, update your website’s tasting room open hours of operation. If you don’t know how to update your website, call me; I’d be happy to do it for you as a public service.

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