Cozmic Cafe – funky, eclectic, and serve healthy smoothies

Published November 5, 2013

Placerville’s recommendation for breakfast is a funky eclectic spot on main street named Cozmic Cafe that serves the healthiest smoothies ever seen. The rainbow smoothie had the warm pink color of beets with carrots, ginger, and cucumber. It would have been delightful if they had shaved the beets and carrots. But the earthy flavor of the drink made it pretty clear they just blend them as they come out of the ground.

Cozmic Cafe

Eggs over curried potatoes sounded delightful and could have been if the potatoes were crispy. But still better than most eggs without any curried potatoes. They also had a little salsa on top that makes you wish you had more.

It looked like Cozmic Cafe have fun live music at night. The place looked packed on a Friday night.

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