Published March 30, 2013

Lots of locals recommend this Mexican restaurant in “downtown” Philo. Any Mexican food lover would be intrigued by what locals say about it. Almost all recommended the carnitas, which is a favorite of this cuisine. But, they have trouble with this typically tender flavorful meat. Libby’s carnitas were bland, tough, and dry. Same dry meat was served on second and third chance visits. One local even admitted to liking chewy carnitas.

Even the chicken caesar salad, also highly recommended by locals, was uninspired. They don’t even use chicken breast meat. It’s like chicken thigh with the skin on and you have to scavenge around the fat and tendons for a thin piece of meat. Perhaps locals are just so excited about the prospect of ethnic food options nearby that they turn a blind eye to mediocrity. It really is a long and winding road to the next town that promises real delicious Mexican food. Got to admit, I’ve been craving ethnic food here too. But Libby’s does not satisfy the craving.

To be fair, they have one of the best wine lists of any Mexican restaurant. But no margaritas.

To fulfill your Mexican cuisine cravings, head to Lauren’s instead. It’s a casual roadhouse family restaurant but they’ve got delicious farm fresh enchiladas, tostadas, and nachos. They use local ingredients whenever possible, never skimp on the best part of the meat, and they can’t possibly be marking up their wines much at the prices they charge.


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