Published March 29, 2013

It’s quite stimulating to see the personality of an entire California wine area emerge amongst all of its different influences. Mendocino County winemakers have a distinctive quality to make a difference and leave the planet better than they found it. It was not only the first county to sell solar panels and alternative energy products, but the first to ban GMOs. It has something like 5 times the organic acreage of Napa and Sonoma. It’s like all the business people trying to develop a lucrative wine industry didn’t come this far north. The ones who came to this county probably did so to get away from industry and live off the grid.

Mendocino County’s oldest winery had some of the newest ideas of its neighbors to the south. Parducci is 100% off the grid. They reclaim 100% of their water, allow nature to treat it, and feed it to the vines simply by creating a habitat for nature to do what it’s intended to do. They’ve got about a dozen owl boxes on the vineyard that attract barn owls who do natural pest control so they don’t have a rodent problem. Sheep take care of their weeds and chickens manage the insects.

But the best part is their wine. Cash in on these low impact solutions that provide you with higher savings. All are worth trying. But the fave for the day is their True Grit Petite Sirah for its hearty blackberry and plum, dark chocolate, and long lux finish. If you can buy wine just about anywhere, why not get it from a place you feel good about and support these values.


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