John Anthony

Published January 4, 2014

No doubt, you’re probably not short on Napa tasting room recommendations. It’s also probably safe to say they’re all good. But here’s one you probably haven’t heard; the Syrah at John Anthony Vineyards is one of the most uniquely flavored and textured Syrahs on this Gypsy’s tour of California’s bounty of deliciousness. It is big and bold yet soft and supple. Vanilla and spice with blueberry dominate but mocha accentuates the lovely languid feeling it brings…like when a warm sudsy bathtub calls you to relax. Its warmth and elegance may just make you think it is not a Syrah, the queen bee of grapes. But it is and its distinct flavor is probably due to its equally unique history. They grafted Syrah to Chardonnay root stock and that’s as technical as I can get on the matter but that may be what gave it that lovely vanillaness wafting from your glass as you swirl.

Have I said enough about this Syrah?! OK, their oaked Sauvignon Blanc has the tangy citrus you love from a great white but what keeps you coming back to the glass is its matchstick salty minerality that glazes the inside of your mouth in butter. Pepper is the leading flavor of their Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by dark thick cherry. But, I’m still thinking about that Syrah.


  1. Carolyn, it was great meeting you at John Anthony. We learned so much about the mixture of vines that i didn’t even know was possible. Your knowledge taste buds were amazing. Maybe we will see around again!

    Karl the Bugman
    Columbus Ohio Bed Bug Exterminating

    • Nice meeting you too! Those wines were fantastic!


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