Lazarre Wines

Published January 7, 2014

What’s more refreshing than supporting a small business that takes pride in their products? Tasting their deliciously hand-crafted products is definitely better.  Many winemakers gain their experience and hone their skills working for other people to produce wines that fit a style that may be different from their own. When winemakers branch out to build their own label, you get a taste of their personal palate and integrity of character. Adam LaZarre’s impressive winemaking experience may have paved the way for his latest venture, LaZarre Wines,  but its his brazen attitude and bold over-the-top style that brings it home. Make that, bring them home because you’ll want more than a few of these wines.

I know I just said “bold over-the-top” but his rose is light and easy, which shows the breadth and depth of his palate. It is a great start to a wonderful meal or could be a good finish, just as easily. His Sauvignon Blanc has a clean clear texture with a hint of eucalyptus or pebbles in a creek. His techniques to add thickness and richness in a wine are exploding in his Albarino.

But LaZarre’s Merlot is what will make you think, “this is a Merlot?!” It’s got that big bowl of Bing cherry that’s such a hallmark of Merlot but this one also has badass oak, mint, and eucalyptus that contribute to its many layers of texture. Still, it is balanced in its complexity, never feeling over oaked. It’s as smooth as silk.

But it’s his bright alluring personality that may make him your favorite winemaker. Check out how much fun he has in writing about his famed products on his website. If you think more winemakers should be this hilarious, show him!

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