J Dusi Wines’ Sun Soaked Patio Beckons

Published July 4, 2021

At J Dusi Wines, the lovely sun soaked patio beckons.

If you’ve already had your fill of vitamin D, enjoy the lux lounge inside. Here, a pinot grigio begins the delightful flight with nice citrus integrated with butter and a slight almond nuttiness. Yes, that’s a word! Then, a rose of grenache, syrah, and zin felt round on the palate with vibrant watermelon, white pepper, and herbs. This big rose had a slightly chewy texture making us imagine it with picnic food.

But J Dusi Wines’ zinfandel was legendary because it came from head trained vines that were planted in the forties. This wine’s fruit is present but not overpowering. Its balance of berry and pepper was opulent. One sniff of the Fiorento made me say “WOW” with berry, plum, and cherry nicely integrated with vanilla and smoke.

J Dusi Wines

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