Published March 25, 2013


You’ve probably noticed the beautifully bucolic white picket fence on your way to or from Mendocino. The Goldeneye regal and elegant building is like a beacon inviting you to stop for a tasting.

The tasting room experience is likewise as compelling. You’re first welcomed by a warm intimate seating area instead of the typical wine bar landscape. Then, your wines are paired with petite bites selected to enhance the flavors you experience: aged cheddar, raw almonds, and dried cherries. They are the only ones in the valley to do a wine pairing like this and it elevates your spirit. Everyone knows the hallmark flavors in an exquisitely designed Pinot Noir is cherry. But the salty nutty flavor of almonds combined with dried cherries and rich cheese balances the fruit in these delicious wines leaving just the layers of complexity on your palate.

They start with a lush crisp lightly oaked Chardonnay. Then, their quintessential Pinot Noirs with vivacious red fruit of strawberry, raspberry and cherry just might surprise you. Not because the fruit structure is so delightful but because the crisp acidity and hint of spice balance it so well. While there’s a sense of the earth, it’s not too overwhelmingly barnyard or dusty. Be prepared for some sophisticated wines at Goldeneye.

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