Published January 26, 2014

Feed the heresy in your thoughts or your unconventional side the luscious and rich wines at Cypher Winery. Their unoaked Chardonnay has that vibrant crisp bright green apple fruit like the famed Naked Chardonnay you may recall from Four Vines. Yes, that label was sold but the heretic behind the Heretic is now making wines at Cypher.

If you’re part of the cult following for Mourvedre and you crave that “dirty sexy Frenchman” barnyard earthy flavor that reminds you of mushrooms, theirs has the stone fruit flavors you’ll that hit the spot and the forest floor so common in this grape. Their Kiler Canyon is big yet smooth, a wine that typifies Paso style. And, who doesn’t love a Zin Bitch.


Opening a new restaurant in March, Cypher is using their food industry experience to play well with their wines. An onsite organic garden will be the secret ingredient to their delicious farm fresh food right outside the rustic tasting room on Highway 46 West.


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