Published January 28, 2014

Named after the natural alleyway created by the Templeton Gap, ZinAlley takes full advantage of what this natural wonder does for vines. The scorching hot days and cool nights are the reason its dry-farmed head-pruned Zinfandel vines thrive and produce deliciously rich complex juice. Their winemaker is as real as it gets, even foregoing advertising and marketing because he prefers to run a business on old school tried and true practices like word-of-mouth the recommendations of many happy customers. Living off what is now the Turley estate, he honed his Zin skills early and still takes advantage of distinctive practices like using dried stems for a smoky flavor rather than green stems that can impart abrasive herbal qualities.

A self-proclaimed glorified home wine maker, he is happy to tell customers the real history of Central Coast wine. Stop in to ZinAlley when you’ve had it with stuffy pretentious wineries and their standard family history stories or tales of the town. ZinAlley is a one-man show and their fearless leader will give you the straight dirt on the soil, climate, vines, and winemaking history of this ripe rich region.



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