Coloma Springs Suites

Published June 11, 2013

The road less traveled with all its benefits makes you get a bit more creative and resourceful with lodging. A town like Placerville simply does not have as many hotel or bed and breakfast options as other well know destinations. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for musty, moldy, bug-infested accommodations or overspend at a zillion star hotel. Your best bet is a vacation rental even if you are traveling alone. One might think you don’t need a full kitchen during your stay here and, with so many delicious restaurants in walking distance, you may not. But you will always use a kitchen even just for coffee, tea, wine, sparkling wine, port, or more wine.

You may also assume a vacation rental is further away from all the action downtown. But the Daffodil Suite at Coloma Springs Suites has the best of both aspirations with all the plush comforts of home within walking distance to shops and restaurants in a quiet safe neighborhood. It is priced at the sweet spot between solid and lux hotel accommodations. But what makes it a place you want to return to is its breathtaking treetop views and romantic earth friendly fireplace mantelpiece. Next time you’re in Hangtown munching at CascadAH or dining fancy at Smith Flat, taste and drink responsibly and stay the night at Coloma Springs instead.

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