Austin Hope – Graciano

Published July 17, 2021

Austin Hope is known for wines of distinct quality. I’m always impressed with their intensely rich cabernet sauvignon when I order it from a nearby restaurant like Odyssey. It is always a truly memorable sip. On a recent trip to the winery, I got spoiled by graciano.

Graciano is a Spanish red grape that typically has characteristics of intense blackberry, cherry, vanilla, and spice that age well. Most gracianos have a wonderfully deep purple hue. Austin Hope’s Graciano has all that and more! The berry aromas are so concentrated, they smell like blueberry next to a steaming cup of coffee. But the vigorous acidity opens wide on the palate and the slightest whiff of mocha rounds out the mouthfeel. I’d enjoy this bottle with a large platter of smoked or cured meats and a variety of colored olives with dips or spreads.

Austin Hope Graciano


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