Taco Tuesday

Published October 9, 2012

Watching the Giants go into extra innings to win a playoff game today required 2 sidecar cocktails with Red Stag. Maybe it was taco Tuesday night luck. Villa Creek draws quite a crowd just for these delicious morsels and the bar serves artisanal beer to local winemakers. Their credo: it takes a lot of beer to make a good wine. When another patron arrived late inquiring who won the Giants game, the bartender knew I’d have the answer. Apparently, this San Franciscan is now the local subject matter expert on Giants game results, flavored bourbon whisky, and where to get the best taco in town.

More appellation adventures in this region.


  1. I know I sound like yelp, but you must taste the tacos al pastor at Los Robles Cafe, 14th & Spring. I have my staff mtgs there; so much more productive when eating wonderful food. – mms

    • Been there and they were every bit as delicious as everyone said! So is their avocado salsa. They have def perfected the al pastor. But, as I recall, you can’t get a margarita there 🙁


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