Published August 7, 2013

Head to the Synapse tasting room in downtown Placerville to try wonderfully well-crafted wines by a female scientist gone winemaker. I guess you could tell the scientist part by the name alone. But, the balanced and well-crafted wines are a sign of a winemaker with a distinguished palate, flair for alchemy, and a creative soul.

Their Symphony is an example of all three. Not a grape you find anywhere, it has quite a history that is almost as long as its finish. Sweet pear, peach, and green apple cover your mouth and linger with a slight spiciness. A Grenache can be big or small but rarely do you find both at the same time; theirs has a thin lithe texture with scents of cinnamon, cocoa, and almond! Yes, the king of nuts. But the balance of bright raspberry and cherry blanket your mouth so it feels light while it lasts longer than chop sticks. Mourvedre has been stealing beauty lately as it is represented on its own without the help of Grenache and Syrah. This one has great balance of fruit with chocolaty richness and a bit of earth. But the late harvest Syrah is what makes everyone say “oh la la” because it has the thickness and richness of molasses fortified with brandy.

If you’re lucky, you might also hear some amazing ghost stories from the hotel next door and even a “sighting” yourself if you inspire the spirits that walk among us.

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