Sunflower Caffe

Published November 5, 2012

Sunflower Caffe

Why would café need a second f? Why would everyone recommend this place? Everyone loves the location and great patio space in the back it’s clear. But do they really like the food?

A friend and I went to Sunflower Caffe after hearing several great reviews from locals. But my friend had spent the night before suffering reactions to wheat flour so she kindly asked the cashier if the frittata had gluten in it. The cashier checked with the chef and returned looking a bit confused and said “the chef says everything has gluten.” Did she mean everything in the world?

Let’s talk ‘bout the food. To be strait, it’s mediocre. The cheese omelet my friend opted for instead of the gluten filled frittata was very basic and could have been enhanced by some delicious home fries. But these were clearly barely reheated home fries from a sauté hours earlier. What’s worse is the scramble was scrambled hours earlier also.

Proof point: we’ve all seen watery scrambled eggs in chafing dishes on buffets before; they should not be watery when you order them in a restaurant.  When requesting a restaurant recommendation, be sure to determine if it is for location, atmosphere, service or simply the food. A restaurant’s attention to your allergies is a legal requirement. Your money and health is worth all of the above.

PS, the lemonade was delightful. Can’t say I don’t call a spade a spade!

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