Summer of Drink Your Words

Published June 26, 2022

During the summer of Drink Your Words, I’ll be touring my book all over this big beautiful Golden State. My schedule changes on the fly so posting a calendar is futile. But I’m making it my priority to answer all your requests for speaking engagements or book signing events promptly.  Besides, why wouldn’t I want my eyes feasting on stunning landscape like this:


Shadow Ranch Vineyard - Sheriff red wine blend

Wanderlust is a tricky feeling. Life on the road is tough and you long to be home again. When you are home, you long for the road. I may drive my car crazy but please indulge me the chance to take my book to your wine region. It would make this author smile for us to share our creations.

All I need is a table and chair, preferably in the shade.

Next stop, the Sierra foothills. Ahh the high country…

As of today, I’m planning to be in the Sierra foothills the first week of July and the central coast the second week of July for a private event. So, I could easily loop back through your region for a quick stopover. Those regions that I fell in love with during my sojourn, you know who you are, my heart’s still connected to you. You’d be feeding my beloved wanderlust by contacting me to brainstorm your event idea.


Ever wanted to meet the man behind the Sheriff? This fantastic red blend is on hand at my place. So, I’m elated to announce a book signing at

Shadow Ranch Vineyard


July 9th, 2022


Please join me for conversation and charcuterie between 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon. Make sure you’ve reserved a seat and primed your palate for robust yet elegant wines. I’ll bring books to sign and hand outs.

The arrival of this Sheriff means the party’s just gettin’ started!

You can still buy a signed copy of my book at Earth Tones.


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