Celebrate American Wine Pioneers

Published July 3, 2022

Celebrate American wine pioneers by sharing red, white, and blue! Wines can be blue if made from a varietal with hallmark characteristics of blueberry and plum like petite sirah. I’m not suggesting pairing a big bold red like petite sirah with your ball park franks, blue cheese burgers, and cole slaw. But a red blend that has some petite sirah would be an exquisite way to elongate the festive feasting experience that is Independence Day.

Cheri Kelly with red, white, and blue painted nails holding a wine glass.

Pay homage to the Spanish missionaries for establishing the first California vineyard and winery. God bless them! And serve a blend that celebrates commingling like the Hitching Post’s White Dahlia. If you’re feeling like a big bold red, serve the Sherrif that has a little petite sirah and bursting with vibrant blueberry and plum.

More raves for my favorite blends here.


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