Sones Cellars

Published February 20, 2013

Reusability is alive at well here in Santa Cruz where Sones Cellars sells an uncorked glass bottle with a rubber stopper filled with their delicious Zinfandel and Petite Sirah blend at a very nice price. You can return to get a refill at another delightful price. It’s not a full growler. But you get the idea.

Sones Cellars

Even if you are not into saving mode, you may also like some of Sones Cellars’ other wines. They source their grapes from the best regions in California so you can find full hearty varietals or grapes that thrive near the coast. It is worth a trip back to see what they have. One of their owners, Lois, can also give you the best answer to why the Central Coast covers Santa Barbara all the way up to Redwood City yet excludes Santa Cruz.

More appellation adventures from my month living in this region.


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