Rexford Winery

Published February 21, 2013


You know what some say about Merlot. It will certainly not be repeated here. But what will be repeated is what some famous wine experts said about the Merlot at Rexford Winery: it reaffirms that Merlot is one of the great wine grapes of the world.

Rexford is right across the street from the Surf City Vintners corridor where you can taste Sones, Quinta Cruz, and Silver Mountain among others. Yet few dare to cross the street to Rexford where parking is much more plentiful, wine is delicious, and peeps have some fascinating things to say about wine. Why do wine tasters refuse to cross the street? It’s not a joke. I really don’t know. But I do know they are missing out.

Merlot thrives in the cool ocean air of the Santa Cruz mountains and Rexford coaxes their grapes into its most opulent potential. Their Merlot drew us in with aromas of cedar, vanilla, and licorice but the wide mouthfeel of ripe plum and black cherry was what made us linger.

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